Saturday, July 23, 2011

'SABDA ASTRA' A collection of Nepali Rubaiyat

In 2067 B.S., a book of collection of Nepali Rubaiyat writen by some excellent Nepalese and Bhutanese Writers is published by Rubai Manch Bhutan, an organization for all Bhutanese Rubaiyat Writers/Creators, readers, concern practioners and wel wishers. The book is edited by A. K. Rana Sampang ' Ekalabya', the President of Rubai Manch Bhutan and a central member of Rubai Manch Nepal. The published book is a sole history of Nepali Rubaiyat in the World.

The book, 'Sabda Astra' represents the Nepali Rubaiyat creators of the world by addressing it's history and the present situation of the Nepali Rubai Writers, readers and concerned personals and organizations and by focusing on the current future and the future at far. The book has been successful to include maximum Nepali Rubai Writers those who can represent the Nepali Rubaiyat Creation Arena. There in the book, we've included the interview of the First Nepali Rubai Writer, Prakash Andembe, who was formally announced and honoured as the Legend of Nepali Rubaiyat by the Forum of Nepalese Rubaiyat; RUBAI MANCH NEPAL.

The publication was supported by the ORGANIZATION OF RISING STUDENTS(O.R.S.), the GLOBAL BHUTANESE LITERATURE ORGANIZATION(GBLO), RUBAI MANCH NEPAL and the RUBAI MANCH BHUTAN. It's interaction program was arranged and co-ordinated by 'Sahitik Manch of Damak Multiple Campus', Jhapa Eastern Nepal, and was released by 'Organization of Rising Students(O.R.S.)'.

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