Friday, January 4, 2013

Defining Poetry

My Poem on Poetry

It's a verse; written in meter and rhyme furnishing beauty
A person’s attempt to visualize his world
In the beautiful structure and phrase of perfect prose.
I can say, It's a dance with feelings;
close and intimate, like with one's beloved,
Or jitterbugging with the different waves and music of nature.

It can be anything;
The first shrieking cry of a newly-born baby,
Or the tear on the cheek of a mother at her child’s achievement.
The arc and swish through the athlete's leg in that last second effort to win.
It also can be
The wonder and awe of one second bit of dust in an infinite universe trying to understand it all.
It's in the music of a babbling brook, or the churning sea, or the crackling fire,
Or it's in the chirping sound of crickets, and the music/song of a dancing bird.
It's in the dawn, or in the dusk, and or in the noon,
Or even there, where the Sun's rays haven't reached.

It's discovery and invention,
And like beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

It's a song in a person's heart that longs to be heard.
The deepest secrets of his soul that needs to be said.
It's the expression of spirit, when spoken words are not said.
It's the person's mood.
And the pen that writes the words to let his world be heard.
A picture of imagination, or realization, or experience, and or internal enlightenment,
Which can only be seen by the words on the screen.

it's an art form which help one to expose his real person that he is.

For me, My Poetry is a Refugee;
Scattered in the countries of world seeking asylum,
Out from war fields, appealing for peace and humanity, instead of lamenting grief.

- A. K. Rana Sampang 'Ekalabya'