Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mon Bahadur Biswa singing his own compose

Wherever we go, our hearts always sing about our origin; this what the 66 years old Man Bahadur is reminding us through his song. Don't forget to listen it all. Mon Bahadur Biswa 66, a Bhutanese Nepali senior living in Fort Worth Texas USA, sang his own compose in Deusi-Bhailo karyakram of Tihar 2014 in Nepali residential house, with Legacy Band in Fort Worth Texas USA

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Poem: I'm Breathing On My Dead Body...

Rai, Ashok K. ‘A K.'
Creative Writing 

I’m Breathing On My Dead Body…

I’m breathing death…
Only my acceptance
Made me feel alive
I’m living dead.

My dream has been deferred
My life was violently interfered
Neither I can lament nor end myself
My eyes never learnt to smile
How can I celebrate my life …
Every night I commemorate my death
I’m breathing on my dead body…

As I was born I was banished to live
My freedom was seized  
And now here I’m renting it …
When I was in my heaven
(When I was in my motherland)
My smiles were forbidden …
That’s why even now
In this fragrance
I’m breathing dead…

I wish I could dance glory
In the open sky
But my every memory pulls me down
And hits me to my death…
You know, I smell different, right?
Because I’m walking on my dead body …
Only my acceptance
Made me feel alive
I’m living dead
Breathing on my dead body…

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Gajal

उडि चन्द्र छुने रहर त्यो आजै किन हराएको छैन
समसानमा एक्लो हुँदा नि यो मन किन डराएको छैन
यो मन त उडिदिन्छ कता-कता टाडाको हरियाली तिर
आफ्नै आँखा अघी फकृएको फुल किन मनपराएको छैन
जुन तारा चम्किरहे जगत सारा देख्छु प्रगती पथमा
तर यो उमेरसम्म नि ज्यान कतै किन लहराएको छैन
नेपाली स्वाभिमान हिमशिखर देखी बेसी अझै झराएको छैन
आँसुसँगै गरीबी पिउँदा बिचल्लित भई यो मन किन कराएको छैन