Poet Viplob Pratik Released 'Swikarokti' book in Texas

Irving, Texas,
October 20, 2013.

A book, 'Swikarokti', written by Bhutanese Writers, was released by reputed Poet Viplob Pratik in a Poetic Symposium in Irving Texas. The literary program was organized by Dallas Everest Lions Club on the occasion of Nepali festivals Dashain & Tihar.

Different many reputed social and literary bodies including Poet Sailesh Acharya, Dr. Prem Adhikari, and many more reputed persons were present in the occasion. It was amazing to see hundreds of Nepali literature lovers, writers, readers, and well wishers within one stage.

'Swikarokti' is a book with Nepali philosophical proposal on Acceptance theory in Literature. The book includes a collection of Nepali poems based on Acceptance Literary Principles. The theory of Acceptance in Literature is abstracted and forwarded by the Bhutanese Writers of present generation, under philosophical-move leadership of Mr. Denzom Sampang - President of Global Bhutanese Literature Organization (GBLO).

'Swikarokti' Releasing Video 1

'Swikarokti' Releasing Video 2
Videos by - Chandra Kulung Rai, Fort Worth TX

(Poet Viplob Pratik is a reputed public figure in Nepalese society in Nepal and inter-nations. He is prominent figure with multi-talent and achievements. He is a Poet, Lyricist, Author, Script Writer, Director, Advertising specialist, Public speaker, Journalist, and social worker. His song, "Hara raat sapanimaa aithan hunchha... " was awarded in three titles - nationally acclaimed awards in 2000 by Hits FM. He has written more than 200 lyrics, and about 30 songs were already recorded. He is the author of the book, "The Person Kissed by Moon", and several hundred poems are published along with other literary articles. He has one poetry collection 'Nahareko Manchhe' (translates to Undefeated man) published in Nepali and two Nepali Poetry collections are on the way to publishers. He was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has traveled all around the world, and has learned from other cultures and societies. His eclectic background has an immense impact on his poems. According to Bhim Karki (poet 'dobatoma ubhiyeko samaya') from Plano Texas, Viplob used to draw inspirations from everyday life, his thoughts are compact, and he is deeply sensitive to human values, hence his poems are naturally intense yet smooth (Web).

He has edited famous Nepali poet laurite Durgalal Shrestha's 'The Unbridled Passion'; and translated 'The Law' by Frédéric Bastiat into Nepali. He has directed films, has been arts and literature editor of Himal Khabar Patrika, a major national publication of Nepal. He was copy editor of Y! Magazine; and editor of Salil Magazine. His latest Nepali album is called Reminiscence. His lyrics also include Abhaya & the Steam Injun's album Nayan and two peace songs by Kutumba. He was one of the founders of Gallery Nine a contemporary art gallery in Nepal. He is also well known as 'Child Poet' (Baal Kabi) in Nepali literature.)

Photos by - Sagar Nechali Rai, Dallas Texas

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